Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Basketball Shooting - Lay Up

A Lay Up is merely a short shot that typically bangs softly off the backboard. Most of the time Lay Ups are preformed when going toward the hoop.

To hit a decent Lay Up you must get your hands in the set location. Whenever you're shooting along the left side of the hoop, you'd shoot with your left hand, leaping off your right foot and the other way around. Whenever you're dribbling toward the hoop you cease dribbling till you're approximately 2 feet from the hoop. You then collect the basketball, drive one or two additional strides and lightly kiss the basketball against the square along the backboard prior to taking your third stride (that would represent a violation). It's not the usual shooting technique since you don't have an assistant hand there to direct, it's more of a one handed shot. The method you'd do it would be to get your palm underhand then with the velocity and momentum that you have picked up from dribbling let it bang off the backboard.

Lay Ups are unquestionably a part of basketball shooting skills, and they're highly crucial for you to get skillful at.

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