Monday, March 26, 2012

Basketball Team Structure


GUARDS — Guards are generally the smaller, faster players on the squad, with effective basketball handling skills and outside shooting prowess. Their chief functions consist of progressing the basketball up the floor, penetrating (driving around the player defending them) by passing or dribbling and representing the 1st line of defense in defending against a fast break (a position in which the defensive squad acquire possession of the basketball and proceeds into scoring position so rapidly that they're teammates out measure their opponents) if possession of the basketball is lost.

FORWARDS — Forwards are the bigger players on the squad who normally function in the
wing or baseline regions and occasionally in the paint region. Decent outside shooting prowess
is expected and effective basketball handling skills to enable them to dribble to the hoop. The
forwards are likewise among the primary rebounders (a rebound is an effort to retrieve the basketball after a missed shot) on the squad.

CENTERS — Centers are typically the biggest players on the squad and play nearest to the
hoop to capitalize on their stature, mostly close to the paint region. Playing where they
do, the center is in the chief rebounding spot and ought to seek to acquire every
rebound. The positional locations of players may change from squad to squad according to the type of players on a squad or the type of defense defending squads play.

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